Sikh Pilgrims to leave for Pakistan: Sikh pilgrims to leave for Pakistan on November 17, conduct corona test on November 14 and 15

Chandigarh : 17 26 Will return to the country in November. Shiromani Committee President Bibi Jagir Kaur said that 19 The first Patshah Ji’s Parkash on November is being celebrated with devotion and respect in the country and abroad. Under this for the shrines of Pakistan 17

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With corona 72 Hourly report is required. Accordingly, the Shiromani Committee has arranged corona test for the pilgrims. He said that in collaboration with the health department for corona test 14 And 15 November 10 at the office of the Shiromani Committee 10:00 From noon to noon 1:00

, They arrive at this camp to get their corona tested. He also said that the devotees who have their own And want to test corona , They 17 Departing Pakistan in November 72 Bring back the hourly report.

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