Sex saves woman’s life! The woman passed away

New Delhi: An elderly woman claims that her active sex life has saved her life. The woman says her husband identified a lump in the breast that actually turned out to be cancer. Tina Gray, 52, had begun menopause two years ago, although she had decided not to stop having sex. . Tina Gray’s husband Daisy is 51 years old and they have kept their sex life active. Tina says that menopause has brought the two closer than ever before. Husband asked Daisy to tell him if it was the same or different.

Tina Gray said I trusted her husband’s decision and went straight to the doctor. After all, who knows my body better than my husband?

Days said we’ve been together for a long time, so I know Tina’s body very well. During the investigation, Tina was diagnosed with cancer in both the breasts. The doctor explained that he had a lump in his left chest as well as a small lump in his right chest. Tina is currently undergoing treatment.

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