Farm Laws Repeal: No case on straw burning, state governments to decide on lawsuits and compensation

Narendra Singh Tomar On Farm Laws Repeal: Agriculture with zero budget , MSP system is more transparent and its associated Different issues "font-family: Mangal;">

Now any of the movement Doesn’t mean

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"font-family: Mangal;"> Will be kept for cancellation. Meanwhile, regarding the end of the farmers’ agitation, he said, “After the passage of the bill repealing the three agricultural laws, I feel that the agitation has no meaning.” Appealing to the farmers to end the protest, he said that the farmers and farmers’ organizations are urged to end the agitation and stop their agitation. "font-family: Mangal;"> Go back to your home.

Agriculture Minister’s statement regarding compensation

Keeping separate Different state government will decide. Meanwhile, he said that the right to compensation also rests with the state governments which And they have to decide.

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