Double attack of obesity and malnutrition on humans in coming 12 years, know what is the reason

A report by the World Obesity Federation has claimed that in the coming 12 years, almost half of the world’s population i.e. 51 percent will be obese. The report reveals that this problem will increase mostly in low-income countries and children will be the largest number of people in its grip.

Children most likely to be harmed 

According to the report, the number of children suffering from obesity will almost double by 2035 as compared to the year 2020. That is, in the coming 15 years, 20.8 crore boys and about 17.5 crore girls below the age of 18 years will become obese.  

Analyzing this data, President of the World Obesity Federation, Luiz Bauer, says that the governments of all countries will have to take some necessary steps as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse. The governments of the countries have to do everything possible now to avoid the health of the young generation, as well as the social and economic burden.

he said "The most worrying revelation in the report is that the rate of obesity is increasing the fastest among children and adolescents." 

Impact on GDP

Federation has claimed that due to increasing obesity, problems will also increase in people. To fix which, by the year 2035, the world will have to spend more than 4000 billion dollars. This is three percent of the total GDP of all the countries of the world combined. 

What is World Obesity Federation 

The World Obesity Federation is an organization that works closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) and various global agencies on obesity. In the UK its members include the Association for the Study of Obesity.

Currently 135 million people in India are obese

According to the World Health Organisation, since 1975 obesity has tripled in the world. At the same time, according to a report of Indian General Community Medicine, at present only 135 million people in India are suffering from the problem of obesity.

According to the World Obesity Federation report, childhood obesity in India is expected to increase by 9.1 percent annually by 2035. The same report stated that About 11 percent of people in India will be obese by 2035, with an annual increase in adult obesity of 5.2 percent between 2020 and 2035.

What is overweight and obesity, know from experts

Dr. Vivek Singh told in a conversation with ABP that being fat and being overweight are two different things. It is not necessary that if you are overweight then you are also fat.  Explain the difference between the two in simple language, then if your body mass index ie (BMI) is between 19 to 24.9 then you come in the normal range. But on the other hand, if the body mass index is 25 to 29.9, then you come in the category of overweight.  If your body mass index is above 30 then that person is considered obese. 

The doctor told that obesity of any person is a medical condition. Whenever a person carries more weight than his height and weight on his body and this weight harms his health, such a condition is called obesity.  

How to know whether you are fat or not 

Dr. Vivek Singh told that the easiest way is to know BMI. To know this, measure the weight in kg and divide it by the square meter of that person’s length. This makes it easy to find out whether you are really fat or overweight.

BMI has also been made the basis for preparing the report of the World Obesity Federation. Under this, the ratio of height and weight of any person is derived. 

Poor countries will be hit 

Federation’s report says that the biggest growth is experienced in 10 countries in the coming years. Nine of which are low- or middle-income countries in Africa and Asia. Federation’s science instructor Rachel Jackson Leach says that such data should not be ignored. If low and middle income countries do not take any concrete steps to deal with this problem, then they will have to face big consequences.

According to a report published in the medical journal The Lancet, countries like Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Egypt, Comoros, Sao Tome and Principe have the highest risk of malnutrition. Obesity and malnutrition have resulted in stunting of children in all countries, as well as weight gain in women.

What is the reason for increasing obesity 

It has been said in this report that the biggest reason for increasing obesity globally is climate change, restrictions imposed during Kovid and rapid change in nutrition-food system. The lockdown imposed during the Corona spread made people less work and a habit of overeating. Due to which his body weight started increasing. 

For example, after drinking a bottle of 355 ml sweet water, it is very important to walk at least 2.5 kilometers or run for 15 minutes. But very few people find time for this in everyday work.

What is the solution to the problem

Dr. Vivek said that the first step to deal with this problem should be this awareness. People should be told that how harmful obesity can be for human health. In addition the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, eating habits and physical activity should be promoted.

Obesity increases fatal diseases 

According to experts, the risk of many diseases may increase in obese people. As compared to other diseases, the most common disease observed in obese people is diabetes. 

Diabetes: The more fat there is in the body, the more difficulty the body has in making insulin. In fact, fat accumulates in the liver and pancreatic around the stomach in an obese body. If you understand in simple language, if even a little fat increases in the liver, then the possibility of getting diabetes increases.

High blood pressure: If you are obese, then it is also common for you to have the problem of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is called hypertension, it is a condition in which blood starts flowing faster than normal in the blood vessels. High blood pressure puts pressure on the heart, which can also damage blood vessels. And this disease is so dangerous also because having high blood pressure can also increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and death. 

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is also very common in obese people. This disease continues for a long time. In osteoarthritis, there is pain and swelling in the joints of the human body. Being overweight puts extra strain on the joints and cartilage, which can increase the risk of osteoarthritis.

Kidney disease: Obesity increases the risk of diabetes and blood pressure in the body, and both of these diseases are the most common causes of kidney disease. However, even if you do not have diabetes or high blood pressure, obesity can lead to kidney disease.

Risk of 13 types of cancer 

Due to accumulation of excess fat in the body, there is a bad effect on the organs. Due to imbalance in the body, the risk of cancer also increases. Apart from this, the risk of death of a person can increase up to 91 percent due to increasing obesity. Not only this, it has also come to the fore from a research that deaths are more recorded in people with high body mass index. Along with this, poor lifestyle and not paying attention to nutritious food can cause 13 types of cancer. 

These things are secretly increasing your obesity

  • Stress- Taking more stress releases more of a hormone called cortisol in the body. Which can become a reason for increasing obesity.  
  • Lack of sleep- Not sleeping at the right time and sleeping for less time can also make the body fat. Lack of sleep releases more hunger hormones in the body.
  • Medicines- Taking too many medicines can also be a reason for increasing body weight.  
  • Thyroid- Thyroid is such a disease that increases body weight. Underactivity of the gland can lead to hypothyroidism
  • Digestion- Due to not having good digestion, fat starts accumulating in the body and it becomes the reason for increasing obesity.
  • Lifestyle- Sleeping late, not exercising, eating junk food, drinking alcohol-cigarettes. It also increases body weight. 
  • Overeating- Many people love to eat sweets. In such a situation, their body weight may increase. Also, overeating also increases weight.
  • Genetics – Obesity increases by eating more, but it is such a disease that can be transferred to you from parents or siblings in the family. Understand in simple language, if someone in your family has obesity problem, then the chances of obesity also increase in you. 

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