Stomach Ulcers: This is the diet secret told by the doctor to reduce stomach ulcers..!

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Stomach Ulcers:
Due to stomach ulcer.. it is difficult to eat anything. Due to the formation of tears in the mucosal layer of the stomach, severe burning and abdominal pain are often bothering. Stomach ulcers are formed due to modern lifestyle, bad eating habits, severe stress, smoking, alcohol and anxiety. If you have ulcers in your stomach, you will feel full even if you eat a little, if you eat nothing, you will get stomach pain, if you eat anything you will vomit, you will feel pain, you will feel bloating and belching. Doctors say that taking some precautions in daily diet can act as medicine for ulcers. Ayurvedic expert Dr. Dr. K. Gautam explained to us that ulcer patients can get relief from this problem if they take some food items. (K. Gauthaman, BAMS Srivarma)

Take these vegetables..

Dr. K. K. Gauthaman said that if you include fresh vegetables in your diet, you can reduce stomach ulcers. Ulcer patients include vegetables like collard greens, collard greens, zucchini, zucchini, zucchini, radishes etc. which are rich in fiber. These vegetables should be taken in your diet every day. 100 grams per day is enough. They should only be cooked. If you eat these vegetables regularly, you can notice the reduction of fruits in the stomach.

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Yogurt works as a great medicine to reduce stomach ulcers. Probiotics in yogurt cure stomach ulcers. They contribute a lot to the growth of essential bacteria in the stomach. These do not lead to abdominal diseases. Experts say that people suffering from stomach ulcers should take a cup of curd daily. Bananas, apples, onions, garlic and other foods are rich in probiotics. Take these in your diet.

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eat fruits

eat fruits

Experts suggest that people suffering from stomach ulcers should include fruits in their diet daily. Fruits rich in fiber and vitamin C are good. If you take 100 grams of fruits every day.. Stomach ulcers will be cured. If you drink the juices of lemon, lime and grape fruits, the inflammation of ulcers will be reduced.

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drink water

drink water

For people suffering from ulcers.. there is no medicine other than water. 750 ml of water every morning after waking up. After that, drink 300 ml of water every 3 hours. It is good to take 3 liters daily.

Take these precautions..

Take these precautions..
  • Clean water and food should be takenStop drinking and smoking habits
  • Do not eat hot and spicy foods.
  • Sleep peacefully.
  • Do yoga and meditation to get rid of mental stress.

Note: These details are provided according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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