reduce belly fat naturally: This 98 Kg man became a fitness coach by reducing weight, takes protein with every mile

Journey started like this

Daniyal explains that he had become a victim of obesity or overweight as soon as he took admission in college, and the reason for all this was due to poor eating habits. He says that often he used to eat junk food. At the same time, due to the increase in weight, people also made fun of him a lot. After this, when his weight was 88 kg. Due to which his confidence also started to falter. It was very difficult for him to lose this weight. But he decided to lose weight. Daniyal had gone to the gym several times to lose weight. But he got nothing in it. So he adopted the method of intermittent fasting and achieved his goal.


He explains that Jim’s method was not working for him. So he did cardio exercises at home. Apart from this, his diet played the most important role in weight loss. He considers consistency to be a major reason behind weight loss.

fitness secrets

Anand says that while losing weight, he came to know about many myths and during this time he also took a fitness and nutritionist course and got a certificate. Today he shows others the way to lose weight too.

lifestyle changes

Anand says that he gained important information related to fitness and nutrition and lost weight. Also changed his diet according to the lifestyle.

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Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

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