Festive Discount on Smart TV: TCL Offers Bumper Discount on Smart TV Range


  • Discount on TLC Smart TV
  • Customers can take advantage of the offer
  • Thousands of rupees will be saved on the purchase of TV

New Delhi: If you do not have a SmartTV and want to upgrade your TV to Smart TV itself, then TCL is giving you a great offer to do so. Under the Zest Dream Big – Pay Small campaign, you are getting amazing offers. With Zest’s Zestastic 2.0 campaign, you can take TCL 4K QLED Smart TVs to your home at an affordable price. This offer will be valid till 31st October. However, this offer is also valid on select range of TCL smart TVs.

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There was a time when TV used to be limited only to watching dailies or news, but now there has been a huge development in the TV industry as well. Under this, you can now use the Internet on TV. Even music, shows / movies of OTT platform etc. can be enjoyed by everyone. In such a situation, TV makers also take care of every convenience and convenience of their customers. Under this, you can enjoy huge discounts and offers on Smart TVs in TCL.

By the way, let us tell you that in the last few years the demand for SmartTV has increased in our country. In such a situation, customers can also fulfill their wishes through these great offers. If you want to get the best SmartTV facility by spending less money, then this opportunity is good.

Let us now tell you how and on which range of SmartTVs you can take advantage of these offers.

How to take advantage of the offer?

Customers have to first checkout on the TCL Brand Store page. You can then avail the offer during the offer period by using the coupon code ZESTIT. However, this offer is available only on select models of SmartTVs.

Which models are discounted available?

C825 Mini LED

The C825 Mini LED SmartTV is one of the latest launches from TCL. This is the first ever Mini LED TV in India. In this you will get the best picture quality. In this you will get Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby ATMOS. In this device, you have also been given the facility of hands free voice control. With the help of which users will be able to control their SmartTV easily without any hassle. That is, you can also control the TV through your voice.

C815 4K QLED

In this SmartTV you are getting Dolby Vision with Quantum Dot Technology. This SmartTV supports HDR 10+ and MEMC.

Talking about the audio quality, you will get Dolby Audio in it, which is connected to ONKYO Soundwar for the best sound. Coming to the looks of this SmartTV, these ultra-slim metallic casings will complement the interior of your home.

C715 4K QLED

This SmartTV comes with Quantum Dot, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and IPQ engine. This is a SmartTV supported by Dolby ATMOS. It also comes with DTS Smart Audio Processing for the best listening experience. In this also you have been given the facility of hands free voice control, which makes operating the TV even more easy.


This model of TCL’s SmartTV has been given amazing display and sound quality with DTS Smart Audio Processing. In this you have been given the facility of far-field voice control. That is, you can operate or control your TV even without a remote. If you have a passion for gaming, then this SmartTV can prove to be the best for you, as it will give you an unprecedented gaming experience with Game Master. You can also avail additional discount on this model.

P725 4K LED

This is a SmartTV powered by TCL Smart AI the P725. In this you will get state-of-the-art intelligent functions along with the madic camera. The viewers will also get to see super smooth visuals through MEMC.
Designed for better entertainment and interactive functionality. Let us know that you can buy 65-inch screen-size Smart TV for a price of Rs 87,999.

P715 AI-Enabled 4K LED

The device sports A+ grade panel with micro dimming to ensure best-in-class picture quality. In this, you have been given the facility of ultra-realistic and enhanced sound in Dolby Audio. This device also has smart connectivity.

P615 4K LED

In this SmartTV, you are given the facility of all shades of lights and natural colors for the best viewing experience. In this, you will get solid picture quality with 4K upscaling technology with micro dimming. Dolby Audio has been given, which will produce clear and powerfoot sound. Google Assistant has also been given in-build in this TV.

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Do you know about TCL?

By the way, you would also like to know about TCL’s SmartTV on which it is getting great discounts. So let us tell you that TCL Electronics is a fast growing consumer electronics company. This is a very old company. It was established in the year 1981….At present the company is being operated in about 160 markets of the world. According to Sigmaintell, TCL has been ranked second in the global TV market in terms of sales-volume in Q1-Q3 2019.


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