Benefits of consuming Vitamin D2 and D3, know which foods are found in which?

Types Of Vitamin D: The body needs a lot of vitamins, minerals and proteins to stay healthy for a long time. Vitamin D works to strengthen bones and muscles. Lack of vitamin D in the body affects the immune system. You will complain of lack of energy, fatigue throughout the day, depression and bone pain. The most natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. The body gets sufficient amount of vitamin D from sunlight till 11 am. Apart from this, you can also meet vitamin D deficiency through diet or supplements. 

Sources of Vitamin D2- The body gets Vitamin D2 from plants. For vitamin D2, you can include mushrooms, oats, almonds, soy milk, orange juice, cereals in the food. Apart from this, the body also gets rich vitamin D2 from foods grown in the sun. 

sources of vitamin D3- You get vitamin D3 from animals, for this, if you take eggs, fish, fish oil,  milk, curd, butter and other dietary supplements in your diet, then they can help you in getting vitamin D3. The shortfall can be made up.

Main source of Vitamin D- The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight, which contains Ultraviolet B (UVB). The sun’s rays work with the 7-dehydrocholesterol compound in the skin to form vitamin D3. The same process occurs in plants growing in the sun. The ultraviolet rays from the sun combine with the oil compound found in plants to form vitamin D2.

Benefits of Vitamin D
1- Vitamin D strengthens the body’s immunity.
2- Vitamin D helps in keeping the brain and nervous system healthy  
3- If the body has the right amount of vitamins, bones and teeth become healthy and strong.
4- Vitamin D keeps the amount of insulin and sugar in the body right. 
5- Vitamin D keeps lung function and heart healthy. 
6- Vitamin D also reduces the risk of cancer in the body.

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