Maanaadu: Another hero of ‘Conference’ Yuvan: Producer Suresh Kamatchi! – producer suresh kamatchi says about yuvan

Suresh Kamatchi In preparation, Venkat Prabhu In motion ‘Conference‘Simbu has acted in the film. For the last Pongal சிம்பு Fans have been waiting for this film for a long time after the release of ‘Eeswaran’. Producer Suresh Kamatchi has said that ‘Conference’ will be Simbu’s biggest comeback at the film’s music launch.

In this context, the audio release ceremony of the film ‘Conference’ was held in Chennai today. Silambarasan, S.A.C., S.J.Surya, Bharathiraja among others participated in it. Producer Suresh Kamatchi talks about Yuvan at the festival in general, just as ‘Respect for Love’ was a comeback for Ilayaraja just as the film will be a huge comeback for Yuvan.

Yuvan enjoys composing music very much if it is a Simbu film. The other two heroes for this film are Yuvan and Editor Praveen. A lot of people will call me and ask if Simbu has cooperated with you. So I had no problem with him. I hope I have fulfilled the responsibility he gave me. “

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‘Manadu’ stars Kalyani, SA Chandrasekhar, Bharathiraja, SJ Surya, Premji, Arvind Akash, YG Mahendran, Vagai Chandra Sehgar, Daniel Balaji, Manoj, Premji, Udaya and Karunakaran. The film is set to release in theaters on November 25.

Composer on the show Yuvan Shankar Raja Speaking of which, ‘Simbu will never be seen in this film. Let’s look at another chip. The film is more of a game for SJ Surya and Simbu. In the middle of this, many people including the heroine Kalyani Priyadarshan will come. ‘Conference’ is emerging as a good entertaining film, ‘he said.

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