Does the guard have an ampere to hold in front of the car? Joby George’s reply goes viral

Theaters are active after a long wait. Dulquar Salman’s Kurup was the first to arrive. There are many films that are eagerly awaited by the audience. Suresh Gopi’s movie Kaval is also coming to theaters. Suresh Gopi is all set to make a strong comeback. The movie directed by Nithin Ranji Panicker has gone viral. This is Thampan, Thampan has been on guard for lovers since November, Joby George wrote on Facebook. It has been reported that Marakkar, the Lion of the Arabian Sea, will hit theaters on December 2. Recently, it was rumored that Mohanlal Priyadarshan’s cosmopolitan historical film is being turned into an ODT. Someone asked me if I should go down at this time, or if the number of theaters would decrease with the arrival of the woodpeckers, then why not change the date and look down on a good day and give a comeback. Joby George’s reply was that I had planned Monet earlier, and not only that but there were many commitments, please understand. When someone asked me if I was sure of 25, the answer was yes. . Let me tell those who make fun of me, in Malayalam cinema, these people alone are not enough. Mammootty, Mohanlal Suresh Gopi Malayalees want these three diamonds on the screen forever. It will not give up one for the other. They work and suffer and live. That’s all, whether it’s Marakkar or Bhishmaparvam, it’s all cinema, only cinema. Whether one succeeds or loses in this, if one wants rice in one’s own family, one has to work with one’s own sweat and suffering. If the woodpeckers play, the guard also plays in the theater. Both deserve the success they deserve. Like Lalettan Mammootty, Malayalam cinema needs Suresh Gopi. They are 3 links in a chain. It is our duty as Malayalees who love Malayalam cinema to rejoice and support the return of Suresh Gopi. Yes, a fan commented that we are Malayalees.

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