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ചുരുളി; This ‘madan’ will surround the audience!
-Sandeep Santosh

Lijo Jose Pellissery’s popular film at the 25th International Film Festival (IFFK) ‘Roll‘Sony Live has reached out to the audience on November 19th through the platform. But the version that was screened at the film festival is not the one that has come through OTD now. For the second time, the director has prepared the scrolls in such a way that they can be clearly understood by the average audience. The director, who made his mark in the Malayalee mind with his films ‘Amen’ and ‘Angamaly Diaries’, had garnered world attention not only from the Indian audience with his film ‘Jallikattu’. That is why a large audience is waiting for ‘Churuli’ as a Lijo Jose Pellissery film. The film stars Vinay Fort, Chemban Vinod Jose, Joju George, Saubin Shahir and Jafar Idukki in the lead roles.

The film begins by telling the story of the saint who came down to capture Madan. His Holiness carried the ball in the form of a ball in a basket on his head. At the sound of the pangolin, he wandered through the streets, still walking, not realizing that he was carrying a madman! The story of this madman, who was initially told within two minutes, can be seen in the film which is about two hours long. The scroll will amaze you if you can understand what the forest mentioned in the story is and who the Blessed One is.

The plot of the movie is about a terrible area in the high range where no police can enter. There are people who have committed various crimes in the country and gone into the jungle. The story unfolds through the policemen Antony and Shajeevan who reach Churuli to catch the culprit Joy in Mayiladuthurai who lives between them. They travel by jeep along a rugged mountain trail and end up on a roll of snow and mystery. The boundary between the outside world and the scroll is a wooden bridge.

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The reality of everyone who pretends to be outside of decency-culture-decency is obvious when they cross that bridge. Like the audience, Antony and Shajeevan’s scroll is a new experience. But slowly they are adapting. Take a look at the picture to find out how Madonna’s story at the beginning relates to the cops who came to the scroll to catch the culprit.

S Harish has penned the script for the film based on the short story by Vinoy Thomas. The screenplay manages to elevate the film to a fantasy genre, albeit in line with the story. The journey of the screenplay has given the audience many opportunities to smoke their heads. S Harish’s success is marked by his ability to fit in with the director’s making style.

The LJP shares similar things in its new film, which makes it clear that humans have not progressed much since they were hunted down by ‘Jallikatti’.
The scroll underlines that one can see a man who has not undergone much change if he goes into the forest (if he looks into his own mind). The police are at the highest level of law enforcement when it comes to selecting a criminal who has not been caught committing a number of crimes. But as they cross the bridge to the scroll, things change for them too. The director has once again amazed the audience with his presentation style. The scroll is not a movie that can be enjoyed without thinking a little more than it is told. For those who are familiar with the director’s track, a few ‘birds’ will fly, leaving no more questions. But the average viewer may not be able to complete the scrolls at once.

The backgrounds of the story can greatly influence the audience. The unfamiliar scroll here can mesmerize, amaze, and sometimes frighten the audience because the story has a very appropriate location. Madhu Neelakanthan captivates the audience by capturing the scenes of the forest in a way that suits the film.

The scenes on the scroll gave the impression of being directly above the area, even above what is called a virtual tour. It does not seem that a photographer can match the genre of a film better than this. Along with the cinematography, the sound played a key role in bringing the scroll to the audience in the way the director intended it to be. The sounds designed by Ranghanath Ravi conveyed the atmosphere of the scroll in the right way.

The sound of birds, animals, beetles, the sound of leaves and charcoal, the sound of water droplets, and even the silence can be awe-inspiring. Everyone who worked in the sound department, including mixing, is to be commended. The part where the jeep crosses the wooden bridge is a good example of the excellence of sound. Natural sounds are heard mostly in the film, but the general fact is that the background music of Srirag Saji was very effective, though generally less so. The VFX used in the film is also a factor in the storytelling.

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The film stars Vinay Fort, Chemban Vinod Jose, Joju George, Saubin Shahir and Jafar Idukki. Although Jojo and Saub were disappointed that the screen space they got was reduced, they performed superbly on the given opportunities. Vinay Fort, Chemban Vinod and Jafar Idukki got more opportunities in the film.

Jafar Idukki, who is shocking with his excellent performances, also played a pivotal role in Churuli. Vinay Fort and Chemban Vinod beautifully portray the anxieties of those who end up in an unfamiliar place and the changes that happen to them later. The story gained its own significance even for those who came in only in small scenes and a few shots.

There are three things that make the film feel flawed. The first thing to say is language. The film opens with a reminder that it is only for those over 18 years of age. I have never heard of so many green lights in any Malayalam film because of the censor board! The audience is shocked with Antony as he immerses himself in the nature of the forest. The characters that Teri serves with alcohol are shocking at first but then get used to it! The director has used this phrase because it is a place where only criminals live. Therefore, viewers should be careful not to use earphones and watch with family.

The second issue of the film is the logging in the presentation. Less than two hours, but the picture seems too long. The third problem is some unanswered questions. The scroll does not end with an answer to all the questions within the audience or a clear indication of how to get there. A character who can be likened to a ‘madman’ tells a story again at the climax, and when the story is over, the two characters change position. It was the director who gave him the opportunity to identify the real Madonna. Some instances justifying it have been given before. But all the questions were still unanswered. You have to watch the film many times to understand the thoughts of the director. Watch the movie to experience the magic of the stars and, above all, the magic of Lijo Jose Pellissery, wearing a headset!

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