jai bhim: Sun accused of acting ‘Jai Bhim’; 5 Crore Rs. Legal Notice to Compensate – vanniyar caste demands 5 crore rupees


  • Actor Surya starrer ‘Jai Bheem’ is released on Cinema OTT
  • ‘Jai Bhim’ is based on the 1995 real incident
  • The cinema has a history of being caught by the Iruvaru tribal policemen
  • The Vanniyar community says the film crew should be paid Rs 5 crore

Actor The sun Acting ‘Jai Bhim‘Cinema has been released on OTT and there is widespread debate over the film. Some of the scenes in the film also raised the question of the need for glorification of violence. Meanwhile, Jai Bheem has been accused of insulting the Vanniyar community. 5 crores as compensation.

What is the charge? What’s in the cinema?

Wanniar Sangam community president Arul, head of the Pattali children’s office and lawyer K Balu have issued notice to the ‘Jai Bhim’ team. It is said that there are scenes of humiliation in the film for the Vanniyar team. What kind of violence did the police have to the two communities, and what did they face? Chandra is shown in the cinema as a lawyer who brings justice to court. The film is based on a 1995 real incident. The film has a history of rat, snake, and crocodile-fugitive tribal police.

Actor Surya Swarthy, BJP leader, praised Jai Bheem

The problem with the name as well
The notice states that many of the names in the cinema are real, but only the name of the SI who tortured the accused has been changed. The crescent of the Vanniyar Sangam community is shown in the calendar. In this case, the SI is named Gurumoorthy, he was called Guru. It is also alleged that the name commemorates PMK leader J Guru.

5 Crore Rs. As compensation!

In the cinema, the fireplace above the calendar must be removed. The notice said that Wanniyar should apologize for the sentiments of Samuda and that he would pay Rs 5 crore as compensation within 7 days of receiving this notice.

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Who starred in the film?
Amidst all these criticism and accusations, many have supported Surya and thanked him for beautifully presenting the screenplay. Lijomol Jose, K. Manikandan, Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, Rao Ramesh and many others in the film. TJ Jnanavale has directed the film. BJP leader H Raja had tweeted about the film and said that Surya was selfish.

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