These youth of Bihar cracked UPSC CSE, see full list of name, district and rank

These youth of Bihar cracked UPSC CSE, see full list of name, district and rank

More than half a dozen students from Patna have got success in the final result of UPSC Civil Services Examination 2023. This number is expected to increase further. Jufishan Haq of Patna has got 34th rank. Virupaksha Bikram Singh who has got 49th rank. His entire family lives in Patna. Similarly, Kriti Kamna of Patna has got 41st position, Priya Rani has got 69th position, Annapurna Singh has got 99th position, Siddhant Kumar has got 114th position, Dipti Monali has got 184th position. The talents of Bihar have been successful in making it to the top twenty but have missed out on making it to the top ten. However, four candidates were successful in making it to the top-50. In this, Shubham Kumar of Samastipur got 19th position, Saurabh Sharma of Gopalganj got 23rd position, Jufishan Haq of Patna got 34th position and Virupaksh of Aurangabad got 49th position.

Name District Rank

Shivam Kumar (Samastipur) 19
Saurabh Sharma (Gopalganj) 23
Jufishan Haq (Patna) 34
Virupaksha Vikram Singh (Aurangabad) 49
Priya Rani (Patna) 69
Annapurna Singh (Patna) 99
Siddharth Kumar (Patna) 114
Prem Kumar (Aurangabad) 130
Syed Adil Mohsin (Muzaffarpur) 157
Apoorva Anand (Banka) 163
Dipti Monali (Patna) 184
Sayem Raza (Muzaffarpur) 188
Aniket Kumar Dwivedi (Gopalganj) 226
Priyangi Mehta (Patna) 261
Ajay Yadav (Chhapra) 290
Anubhav (Arwal) 309
Sanskriti Singh (Shekhpura) 366
Kriti Kamna (Patna) 417
Tabish Hasan (Madhepura) 374
Monica Srivastava (Aurangabad) 455
Rahul Kumar (Muzaffarpur) 504
Yash Vishen (Bhagalpur) 624
Monica Patel (Nalanda) 708
Shahenshah Siddiqui (Narkatiyaganj) 762
Apoorva Rastogi (Nalanda) 834
Mahesh Kumar (Muzaffarpur) 1016
Annapurna Singh, Rank-99th District-Patna
Siddhant Kumar, Rank-114th

UP's Aditya Srivastava topped All India in UPSC CSE, will become IAS officer from IPS, studied from IIT

Last year there were three candidates from Bihar in the top 10.

The final result of the Civil Services Examination 2022 was also released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Tuesday. Last time, Buxar district resident Garima Lohia got second rank. Apart from this, Rahul Srivastava of Patna got tenth rank. Avinash Kumar of Araria was successful in making it to the top 20 at 17th place. Apart from this, Tushar Kumar, who got 44th rank, is currently appointed as Junior Election Officer in Mohania. Prince Kumar of Sheohar got 89th rank. Apart from these, dozens of students were selected. In the year 2020, Shubham from Bihar became the topper in the country. Since then no topper has been made. After almost two decades, someone had become the topper of Bihar. Last year, there were three candidates from Bihar in the top 10 of UPSC result.

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