Pollution in Delhi: The days of clean air are over in Delhi, the coming week is very sensitive


  • The gift of breathing clean air will be snatched away from tomorrow
  • Rain and winds had stopped, now pollution will increase in Delhi
  • Incidents of stubble burning and firecrackers will increase pollution

New Delhi: The rains and winds have kept the pollution away in October this year as well. But, this gift is about to end now. Pollution is likely to increase from tomorrow. With the change in the direction of the winds, the pollution will start increasing from October 27. The coming week is very sensitive in terms of pollution. While there is a possibility of burning a lot of stubble in this week, while fireworks in Diwali will also add to it.
Delhi Pollution News: The air will be very bad in the coming days in Delhi!
It is worth noting that the season of Parali starts from September 15. But this time due to delayed monsoon and rains in September-October, farmers of Haryana, Punjab, UP did not get a chance to burn stubble. According to experts, this is the reason why the cases of stubble are low so far. But, now the weather is going to be dry in the coming time. At the same time, the time for sowing the next crop is also less. So now in 10 to 15 days maximum number of cases of stubble burning can be reported. On the other hand, Diwali is on 4th November. Despite the ban, fireworks are being seen in the capital and NCR. In such a situation, if the trend on Diwali remains the same as last year, then the capital may face a very toxic environment.

Delhi Pollution: Stubble burning in neighboring states, but pollution has not increased in Delhi
According to SAFAR, the speed of the winds will not be very less in the next three days. But due to dry weather, the cases of stubble burning will increase. The polluted air will start coming from the North West, due to which the level of PM 2.5 will increase in the capital. According to SAFAR, only 127 cases of stubble burning have been reported during the last 24 hours. The stubble pollution was 6 percent in Rajghani. But the reason for this may also be that due to clouds, satellites have not been able to trace the cases of stubble burning. The air will move from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’ category from October 27 to 28. According to IITM Pune, some cases of stubble burning have been reported in Haryana and Punjab.

Pollution in Delhi: Winter has started clear due to record rain, but it is necessary to avoid severe smog episodes
The air cleared due to rain
The air remained clear on Sunday due to rain. According to the air bulletin of CPCB, the AQI level of Rajdhani stood at just 82. This is a satisfactory level. Apart from this, Ballabhgarh stood at 88, Faridabad 77, Ghaziabad 80, Greater Noida 90, Gurugram 90 and Noida 150.


Pollution in Delhi (file photo)


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