Swiggy Order: 152 year old famous cafe of Mumbai sent medicine along with food, people expressed anger on Swiggy

Swiggy Order: 152 year old famous cafe of Mumbai sent medicine along with food, people expressed anger on Swiggy

Social Media Outrage: A person from Mumbai was disappointed after ordering food online. He had ordered food from a 152-year-old famous cafe in Mumbai through the online delivery platform Swiggy. He also found medicine inside his order. After this he shared its pictures and videos on social media. She said that I did not expect this Christmas gift. 

My Mumbai Christmas Surprise ordered food from Swiggy from Leopold Colaba got this half cooked medicine in my food @Swiggy pic.twitter.com/ZKU30LzDhi

— Ujwal Puri // ompsyram.eth 🦉 (@ompsyram) December 24, 2023

Swiggy immediately responded to this post

Many people shared this post on social media. Also made interesting comments. After this Swiggy immediately responded to this post. He wrote that we have received your message. We are investigating about this. The company representative also wrote on this post that we expect better from our partner restaurant. Please give us some time so that complete information can be provided in this matter. 

Just found this in My food from Leopold (Chicken in Oyster Sauce) @Swiggy pic.twitter.com/5ZfT04d1Qa

— Ujwal Puri // ompsyram.eth 🦉 (@ompsyram) December 24, 2023

There was a medicine packet lying in the order

Mumbai based chef Ujjwal Puri had ordered oyster sauce chicken from Mumbai's famous Leopold Cafe. When he opened this order, there was a packet of medicine pills lying in it. After this, he posted on social media platform Half cooked medicine is also given in it. 

Flood of comments on social media

After this there was a flood of comments on social media. People wrote, Swiggy, why did you send half-baked medicine? Please ask the restaurant to cook it properly. Another user wrote that he knew that you would need medicine after eating this food. Therefore, taking care of food and health, he has also sent medicines along with him. Swiggy team is always ready to deliver. 

Also appealed not to blame Swiggy 

However, some users appealed not to blame Swiggy and wrote that messengers are not shot. Food is prepared in the restaurant. Do you want Swiggy to open every packet and check it? Another blamed the declining quality of Leopold Café. 

Leopold Café was opened in 1871

Leopold Cafe is one of the oldest restaurants in Mumbai. It was opened by Iranian people in 1871. It is very popular among foreign tourists. He also witnessed the 26/11 attack in Mumbai. The terrorists had targeted this also.

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