Sundar Pichai: Keep the focus on work, not on politics, Sundar Pichai is strict on employees

Sundar Pichai: Keep the focus on work, not on politics, Sundar Pichai is strict on employees

Google Employees: Recently some Google employees staged a sit-in inside the office. They occupied the office of Google Cloud CEO for 8 hours. Later the police had to be called and all of them were arrested. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has become very angry over this incident. He has warned the employees that he will not tolerate such behavior at all. Sundar Pichai said that employees should be focused on work. Such behavior of some people affects all other employees. 

Politics should not be discussed in the office

Sundar Pichai wrote in his blog post that Office should not be made a personal platform. You guys keep your focus on work and concentrate on making products. We do business. You cannot make your colleagues feel unsafe. He said in a warning tone that politics should not be discussed in the office. We are at a very important time as a company. Actually, Google is going through a difficult phase at this time. The company seems to be lagging behind in the sector of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There was a demand to stop the project with Israel  

Such incidents have happened many times before in Google's office. The top management of the company is upset with the notoriety caused by such incidents. Google has been working with many governments for a long time. In a recent demonstration, some employees of the company demanded that Google should stop the cloud projects running with the Israeli government and army. 

Google fired 28 employees

Taking the protests seriously, Google management has fired 28 employees. 9 employees of the company were also arrested. Google has said in an email sent to employees after this incident that this kind of behavior is not tolerable. The company is taking it seriously. Most of our employees are doing good work. But, the behavior of some people is worrying. If you are also among those few employees who are thinking something like this, then you need to think again.

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