Britannia: Rs 3 lakh for one day internship, Indian company gave a dream like offer

Britannia: Rs 3 lakh for one day internship, Indian company gave a dream like offer

Britannia Treat Croissant: Legend Indian food product company Britannia has made such an offer, in which the selected person will be given Rs 3 lakh to spend a day in the office. Everyone would like to do this wonderful one day internship. This offer has been given by Britannia Treat Croissant. 

Will have to spend a day in Britannia's office 

According to the information, the food product company has come up with this internship opportunity in the name of Cross Pronunciation Expert. In this, the winner has to stay in the Britannia office for a day and teach the employees to pronounce the name of this famous French pastry croissant correctly. If you also want to earn money easily then this opportunity is only for you. Crosses are very much liked in India. But people find it difficult to name it correctly. 

You have to apply in this manner 

If you have completed 18 years of age and are enthusiastic about language and how to speak it, then this unique internship opportunity is for you. This opportunity of Britannia is for the whole of India. To participate in this, you will have to register by visiting the company's WhatsApp channel. Its registration link will be found in the Instagram bio of Britannia Crossan. After this you will have to answer some questions, then you will have to follow the company's Instagram page and complete 2 tasks on it. If you are selected then Rs 3 lakh will be in your bag.

Correct pronunciation of cross has to be taught 

According to the information received from the company, the person doing one day internship will teach our people to pronounce the cross correctly. He will be given a chance to become the voice of Britannia Cross. If you want to be a part of it, you can register till March 10. The application for this was opened on March 4. Croissant is still considered a luxury snack. We want to make it the favorite thing of common people.

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