Salary Increment: Salary will increase by more than 9 percent in the country, manufacturing sector will remain at the top number.

Salary Increment: Salary will increase by more than 9 percent in the country, manufacturing sector will remain at the top number.

Jobs in India: The country's economy is growing at a fast pace. Balanced inflation, stability in interest rates and increasing industrial production figures are testimony to this. In such a situation, the working class of the country is also hopeful that it will also get the benefit of this situation. Those working in the year 2024 may get good news. This year he may get a salary increment of about 9.5 percent. However, this is slightly less than last year's figure of 9.7 percent.

The maximum increase will be in the manufacturing sector

A survey by global professional firm Aon has claimed that the salary increments of working people will be good this year. This is being said to be the largest and most detailed survey of the country. In this, data was collected from 1414 companies of 45 sectors. The interesting thing that came to light was that the highest salary increment of 10.1 percent is going to be given in the manufacturing sector. From this it is understood that the production in the country is going to increase in large numbers. After this, 9.9 percent salary increase is expected in Life Sciences and Financial Services.

Attrition rate reduced in the year 2023

Survey data shows that the attrition rate has decreased from 21.4 percent in 2022 to 18.7 percent in 2023. It is clear from this that the number of jobs in the job market is good. Besides, competition also remains. Companies benefit by decreasing attrition rate. She is able to use her resources properly. This increases their capacity. Besides, their productivity also increases. 

Companies want to retain talent 

Aon India Chief Commercial Officer Rupank Chaudhary said that due to the improvement in the economy, various sectors are moving forward. He wants to retain the talent with him. Therefore, there is full hope that the salary increment will be good. Even though there is an atmosphere of recession in the world, the situation in India is completely opposite. There will be a boom in infrastructure and manufacturing industry and a lot of investment will also come. Company director Jang Bahadur Singh said that the attrition rate was high in the year 2023. Now companies are ready to give good increments to employees to retain them in 2024.

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