African Swain Fever Virus : African Swine Fever.. Can this viral disease also spread to humans?

African Swain Fever Virus : African Swine Fever.. Can this viral disease also spread to humans?

Pig Virus Disease : African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) has re-emerged. Recently, two cases of this virus have been found in Pune. ASFV is the most lethal viral infection in pigs with a mortality rate of one hundred percent. As there is no treatment for this, the state authorities are moving the infected pigs away from the safe pigs as fast as possible. So what kind of virus is this? What are its characteristics? Can it spread to humans? Now let's find out things like. 

Resurgent virus

African swine fever virus emerged in 2020. Although it was initially controlled, the virus reappeared in Pune.  Doctors say vaccination is the only preventive measure available to wild and domestic pigs to control it. But this viral disease has a severe form. So leading to more deaths. But the doctors say no to the question of whether it is also transmitted from animals to humans like some viruses. It is said that this virus does not affect people and does not have any effect on health. 

How it spreads..

Direct contact with infected pigs, faeces or body fluids. This virus can spread to pigs when While these are the direct means.. vehicles or people working with pigs are indirect agents of virus spread. Although it is a disease that is not contagious to humans, it is better to stay away from infected pigs due to its contagious and deadly nature. That is, just like there are viruses that spread from animals to humans, there are also viruses that do not spread. But they say it is better to stay a kilometer away from infected pigs. By doing this, it is said that this process will help to prevent the spread of the virus in pigs. 

These are the direct and indirect reasons for the spread of the virus

The reasons behind the spread of the virus are not yet known. . Officials are trying to collect samples from infected pigs and travel history information from their owners. Officials ask pet owners and veterinarians to report any symptoms related to the virus immediately. 

These are the symptoms of the virus. , bloody diarrhoea, darkening of the skin, difficulty in breathing, cough and weakness are present in pigs infected with this virus. Pig owners and veterinarians say that if such symptoms are detected in pigs, they should be kept away from pigs that are not infected with the virus. It is suggested to report this matter to the authorities immediately. To control the spread of the virus, orders are issued to vaccinate the pigs immediately.

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