PM Modi meets Bill Gates, Microsoft founder praises India fiercely

Bill Gates Meets PM Modi: Microsoft founder Bill Gates has met Prime Minister Modi on Friday. After this, Bill Gates told that during the meeting with PM Modi, discussions were held on the health sector, climate change, India’s G20 presidency and many other important issues. Praising India after this meeting on his official blog Gate Notes, Bill Gates said that India has helped save millions of lives worldwide by manufacturing cheap and safe vaccines during the Corona epidemic. In this many vaccines have been distributed worldwide with the help of Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates praises CO-WIN app

Along with this, Bill Gates also praised India’s vaccine distribution policy and said that not only India played an important role in making cheap and safe vaccines but also distributed it effectively across the country. For this, Co-WIN digital platform was also created in India, through which more than 220 crore doses of Covid vaccine have been helped in reaching the people across the country. People have been able to schedule their vaccine sitting at home through the app. Along with this, he has also easily received a digital certificate from this app. 

Delighted to meet @BillGates and have extensive discussions on key issues. His humility and passion to create a better as well as more sustainable planet are clearly visible.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) March 4, 2023

Great work done in the field of digital payments in India

G20 chairmanship of India said this

Bill Gates also said that India’s G20 presidency is a golden opportunity for other countries to better learn things like digital payments, digital ID (Aadhaar) of the country. Along with this, he said that he is more optimistic than ever in terms of health, development and climate change in India. The country will continue to progress in the same way in the future and will keep informing the world about new technology.

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