Minimum Pension Hike: Demand to increase minimum pension to Rs 7,500 under EPS-95, pensioners will protest

Minimum Pension Hike: Demand to increase minimum pension to Rs 7,500 under EPS-95, pensioners will protest

Pension Hike Demand: Government employees have already been demanding the reinstatement of the old pension scheme i.e. OPS. Now the employees and pensioners coming under the ambit of Employee Provident Fund Organization are protesting to demand that the minimum pension received under EPFO's pension scheme EPS-95 should be increased to Rs 7500 every month. Are going. A rally of these employees and pensioners is going to be held in Delhi on Thursday, December 7, 2023. 

EPS-95 National Struggle Committee (NAC) issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the committee is going to hold a rally at Ramlila Maidan in support of its demands. The committee claims that 50,000 employees and pensioners from across the country will participate in this rally in support of other demands including increasing the minimum pension to Rs 7,500 every month. Pensioners are demanding to increase the basic pension to Rs 7,500 monthly along with dearness allowance and to provide free health facilities to the spouses of pensioners. 

At present, the minimum pension under the Employee Pension Scheme EPS-95 is Rs 1,000 per month. After the rally at Ramlila Maidan, pensioners will also fast at Jantar Mantar from December 8. Retired Commander Ashok Raut, chairman of the committee, said, we will hold a rally at Ramlila Maidan on December 7 in support of our demands. He said that this is the last warning to the government and if his demands are not met, he will fast unto death. 

12 percent of the basic salary of the employees covered under the Employees Pension Scheme EPS-95 goes to the Provident Fund. Whereas out of 12 percent of the employer's share, 8.33 percent is deposited in the Employee Pension Scheme.  Apart from this, the government also contributes 1.16 percent to the pension fund. Ashok Raut said,  Even after working for thirty-thirty years and continuously contributing to the EPS based pension item, the employees are getting such a small amount as monthly pension, due to which the life of the employees, pensioners and their families has become difficult. Is.  

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