Job Market: Indian students looking for jobs love this thing, not money!

Job Market: Indian students looking for jobs love this thing, not money!

In the changing conditions of the job market, the preferences of job seekers are also changing. A recent report shows that most of the Indian youth (freshers) currently searching for jobs are giving more importance to job security than money. For them, job security has become more important than pay hike.

What has come to light in this survey

This thing has come to light in the Unstop 2024 Talent Report. Under this, a survey of more than 11 thousand people was conducted, which included students, university partners and HR professionals. Many interesting things have come to light in the survey. For example, most of the freshers are now keeping job security as priority, there are very few colleges in India which have 100% placement facility…

Job security is more important

An ET report quoting the survey states that for 60 percent students, job security is more important than pay hike. At the same time, 53 percent of Indian students are afraid that they may not be able to find a job in their favorite field. At the same time, only 7 percent of Indian colleges were found to have a record of 100 percent placement.

Gap in offers according to gender

Gender pay disparity in the survey i.e. comparison of men. A worrying picture has also emerged on the low salary of women in India. According to the survey, the most common offer for men in Arts, Science and Commerce streams is Rs 6 to 10 lakh, while in case of women it comes down to Rs 2 to 5 lakh. This means that the offers received by women are reduced by 50 percent compared to men.

There is no gender gap in engineering

However, this gap is not there in the case of engineering. According to the survey, women and men are getting almost equal offers in the engineering stream. Even in B schools (colleges offering business degrees), there is some gap between men and women. While 55 percent of men in B school are getting offers of more than Rs 16 lakh, in the case of women it comes down to 45 percent.

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