Inflation in India: The biggest fear of urban Indians, worries about food and jobs before the budget.

Inflation in India: The biggest fear of urban Indians, worries about food and jobs before the budget.

Indians living in cities are most worried about food and jobs right now. In a survey conducted before the budget, urban Indians have said that job security is the biggest concern amid rising inflation, especially food inflation, and global layoffs.

Budget to come next week


This information came to light in the Kantar India Union Budget Survey 2024, which was released on Wednesday this week. This pre-budget survey has come just a week before the upcoming budget. The budget session is starting next week from 31st January and the new budget is going to come next Thursday. This interim budget for the financial year 2024-25 will come on 1 February. adjacent Due to Lok Sabha elections an interim budget will come in February instead of the full budget.

Every second Indian is troubled by inflation

According to a survey by Kantar India, due to rising inflation 57 percent Indians are worried. Last year, before the budget, only 27 percent of Indians were worried about inflation. Current figures show that inflation is a concern for every second Indian. Even in inflation, people are most worried about food inflation i.e. inflation of food items.

Inflation is increasing in this way

People's worry related to inflation is also baseless. Not there. In the last month i.e. December 2023, the retail inflation rate had increased to 5.69 percent. In the last two months, the rate of retail inflation has increased by about 1 percent. Retail inflation was 4.87 percent in October 2023 and 5.55 percent in November 2023. In December, wholesale inflation also increased to a nine-month high of 0.73 percent. The reason for the continuous increase in inflation rate is the increase in food inflation.

Every third person troubled by layoffs

In the survey, one out of every three urban Indians said that there is a shortage of food inflation going on across the world. Job security has also been cited as his main concern amid the wave of layoffs. If we look at the situation of retrenchment, till now in 2024, many renowned companies have laid off employees, which also includes names like Google and Amazon. Instead of slowing down in the new year, the pace of layoffs has increased. Apart from tech companies, the impact of layoffs is also visible in other sectors.

Confidence on India's economic growth

Other major concerns of urban Indians include economic slowdown and the world. Also includes ongoing wars in different parts of India. Economic slowdown and recession are a matter of concern for 48 percent people, while 45 percent people are worried due to war. However, the good thing is that most Indians are confident about economic growth. 57 percent of the people surveyed expressed confidence that even in 2024, India will grow at the fastest pace by beating other major economies.

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