Independence Day: The brands from which Britain’s coin used to run in the world, now Indian companies have bought them

Independence Day: The brands from which Britain’s coin used to run in the world, now Indian companies have bought them

It is a matter of few days. As soon as the date of August 15 comes on the calendar, India will complete 76 years of independence. After facing slavery for centuries, India got independence on 15 August 1947 and after that the country never looked back. How the country has progressed in the last 76 years can be gauged from the fact that now India has left behind that Britain in terms of GDP, which ruled India for hundreds of years. Over time, not only did India emerge as a strong global force as an economy, but simultaneously India’s corporates also showed their mettle in the world.

Tata, Mahindra, Reliance… everyone. Contribution

As an independent country, India is currently the second largest economy in Asia and the fifth largest in the world. All the estimates show that it is a matter of few months for India to become a 4 trillion economy. At present, powers like France and Britain have left behind India, and soon India will overtake Germany, Europe’s largest economy. In these 76 years of independent India, from Tata Group to Reliance Group and Mahindra-Eicher etc. together they have bought many iconic British brands and made them Indian. It is interesting that the East India Company, which ruled India for more than 100 years, is now owned by a businessman of Indian origin.

Indian industry has shown strength

Now when The country is busy preparing for the 77th Independence Day, let us tell you about 10 such British brands, which once used to be the flag bearers of Britain’s power and prestige around the world, but today have become a part of the Indian industry. The list could be much longer, but we know the story of just 10 iconic British brands…

East India Company: Let’s do it with the infamous East India Company. There cannot be a better example of reverse colonialism than this. Before the revolution of 1857, India was being ruled by this company on behalf of Britain. At that time this company had its own army, it was ruled by big countries like India, there was a monopoly on the sea. Now it has been bought by Sanjeev Mehta of Indian origin and has been converted into an e-commerce company.

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Jaguar Land Rover: It is one of the most iconic luxury car brands. Jaguar and Land Rover cars sell well in markets like Europe and China. After getting into financial difficulties, it was first bought by the American company Ford. That too could not handle it, so finally Tata bought this company in 2008. Now again it is among the top luxury car brands.

Tetley Tea: Tata group is at the forefront of buying British brands. Tata’s list is very long in this matter. Tetley Tea is currently the largest selling tea brand in many markets such as the UK and Canada. Its history is more than 200 years old, but it is currently a part of Tata Group’s Tata Consumer Products Limited.

Diligenta: It is the flagship company of the UK IT industry. Was. It has been bought by Tata Group’s TCS. Now it works as a subsidiary of India’s largest IT company TCS. Its work is in markets like America and Europe, where it provides IT services from retail to banking-finance sector.

Corus Group: Shape of the world Steel industry has the biggest contribution in changing Surat. It paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. Corus Group Company was the head of this steel industry. Then came the year 2007 and Tata Steel bought Corus. Now its name has become Tata Steel Europe and it works as a European subsidiary of Tata Steel.

Royal Enfield: Off road biking whenever There will be talk, the name of Royal Enfield will definitely come. It is still the best selling off road bike. This company started in 1901 and was bought by Eicher Motors in 1994.

BSA Motorcycles: This is another classic motorcycle brand. This company was started as the Birmingham Small Arms Company. It is part of Mahindra & Mahindra since 2016.

Hamleys: India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani is also not far behind in buying iconic British brands. It is a company manufacturing premium toys. Not only in India and China but also in developed markets like US and UK, this company dominates the premium segment. Reliance Industries bought it in 2019 and made it a part of its business empire.

Optare: Optare is an electric bus manufacturing company. The company manufactures electric buses in all segments from single decker to double decker and tourist and luxury. It is now a part of Ashok Leyland, one of the largest commercial vehicle companies in the country. The Hinduja brothers of Ashok Leyland have also become the owners of the most expensive property in London. He is also at number-1 in the list of Britain’s richest people.

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Imperial Energy: Government company ONGC is also expanding business abroad and under that, this old petroleum company of Britain became a part of ONGC. It is the largest oil company in the Siberian region.

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