4-Day Work Week: Now in this country also 4 days work, 3 days rest! Due to this, companies were forced

4-Day Work Week: Now in this country also 4 days work, 3 days rest!  Due to this, companies were forced

The trend of working only four days a week is gradually increasing. It is being adopted in many countries. The latest name added to this list is Germany, where many companies have implemented the 4-day work week. It has been adopted or trialled in many countries before Germany.

Extra day off without cutting salary

According to a Bloomberg report, many companies in Germany are Adopting the culture of long working week. Under this, companies are asking their employees to work only 4 days out of seven days of the week. Employees are being given rest for the remaining 3 days. It is interesting that there is no cut in the salaries of the employees for this.

The experiment has been done in Britain also

According to the report, currently many companies in Germany are implementing 4-day work. Testing the week. About 45 companies are participating in this experiment. The companies participating in this are reducing the working hours of the employees without making any change in the salary. Earlier in 2022, many companies in Britain had done a similar experiment.

These problems of companies will go away

Germany is still struggling on the economic front. Europe's largest economy fell into economic recession last year. After that, Germany is struggling to return to the path of economic progress. Companies are also facing problems in adverse circumstances. The biggest problem facing companies is the shortage of working people. It is believed that the 4-day work week will not only increase the productivity of the existing employees of the companies, but will also remove the problem of shortage of employees.

The change will be implemented from February 1.

Many labor unions and rights associations have been demanding reduction of work pressure on workers. In Germany too, such demands have been made by labor unions. According to Bloomberg report, the companies involved in the experiment will implement the changes from February 1. This will enable them to know how correct the arguments of the labor unions were on the 4-day work week.

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