Uproar inside Grand Alliance over Iftar at Rabri residence, know why Muslim leaders of Congress got agitated over the event

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Patna: Government Iftar party by Nitish in Bihar, then JDU and today (on Sunday) the Dawat-e-Iftar organized at Rabri Devi’s residence, opposition has now started in the grand alliance itself. The BJP has already been raising questions on such an event at this time, when two cities of Bihar have recently been hit by riots and peace is yet to return completely. Apart from BJP, LJP (Ram Vilas) chief Chirag Paswan and VIP supremo Mukesh Sahni have also boycotted these Iftar parties without giving any reason. Upendra Kushwaha had parted ways with the Grand Alliance just a few days ago. Therefore the question of his involvement does not arise. To be honest, Iftar has decided the new profile of NDA in Bihar, then Grand Alliance is considering it as a favorable opportunity for Mission 24. It will not be surprising if Iftar parties create a divide among the voters.

What is the preparation for Iftari at Rabri residence?

Like every year, Daawat-e-Iftar has been organized today at the Patna residence of former CM Rabri Devi. Earlier its date was fixed on 13 April. The date has been changed to Saturday. Along with the new date, Iftar invitations have also been distributed. The names of RJD National President Lalu Prasad, MLC Rabri Devi, Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav and Minister Tej Pratap Yadav are printed on the invitation card. Dawat-e-Iftar is to be organized at 6 pm. Its preparations have been completed. Tejashwi Yadav, after taking stock of the preparations for Iftar, has given instructions that the fasting people should not face any kind of problem. Leaders like Abdul Bari Siddiqui, Tanveer Hasan, Minister Alok Mehta, Israel Mansoori, MLA Akhtarul Islam Shaheen, Ali Ashraf Siddiqui, Yusuf Salauddin including former MLA Bhola Yadav, Shakti Yadav, Anwar Alam, Rizajul Haq, Ejaz Ahmed, Ghulam Rabbani in preparation Was busy all day long. According to RJD spokesperson Ejaz Ahmed, arrangements have been made for Iftari for Ghugni, Bagni, Kachdi, Onion fritters, Sharbat, Dates, Cream Chop, Imirti, besides grapes, sev, papaya, watermelon etc.

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That party at Rabri residence became memorable

The Iftar party held in 2022 at Rabri Devi’s residence was memorable in many ways. Firstly, the foundation stone of the change of power in Bihar was laid in the same Iftar party. NDA CM Nitish Kumar reached Rabri residence from his residence on foot. A few months later, there was a change of power in Bihar. Nitish left the NDA and joined the Grand Alliance. BJP remained strong. This time the purpose of Dawat-e-Iftar is more political than harmony. Because the Lok Sabha elections are to be held next year. Every party is engaged in making its own equation or consolidating the equation made. The target of the Grand Alliance is Muslim voters only. Muslims have been the traditional voters of RJD. Especially after 1990. For a few days the Muslim votes had shifted to Nitish Kumar’s party JDU. Now that JDU is also with RJD, the constituents of Grand Alliance are taking special interest in Iftar events to ensure bulk votes of Muslims.

Ghughni-onion, mix veg pakoda with Sharbat arrangement, ready from tent to table at Rabri residence

Owaisi’s entry has scared the Grand Alliance

The grand alliance was earlier relaxed about the Muslim votes. But the entry of AIMIM chief Owaisi in Bihar has unsettled the leaders of the Grand Alliance. The vote share of Muslims in Bihar is believed to be around 16 per cent. Since the time of Lalu Yadav, RJD has been getting its benefit due to his MY equation. Later, the Muslims shifted to Nitish’s party JDU. Due to Owaisi, there is a danger of division of Muslim votes. There is a majority of Muslims in Bihar’s Seemanchal and Owaisi also has more influence in the same area. Owaisi’s 5 MLAs were elected from Seemanchal itself. To reduce the effect of Owaisi, the Grand Alliance had also organized a big rally in Purnia on 25 February. Soon after that Owaisi visited Seemanchal. RJD is more afraid of Owaisi because RJD had taken four of its MLAs in its fold. Owaisi is very upset about this.

‘Politics-e-Raftar’ in Dawat-e-Iftar, played in Bihar, now it will happen… 2021, remember?

Who has any objection to Iftar in Grand Alliance?

Azmi Bari, a senior leader of the Congress, a constituent of the Grand Alliance, has objected to the events of Dawat-e-Iftar on the lines of the BJP. He wrote on social media that there is a need to heal the wounds of Muslims and not iftar party. He had also shared the photo by writing Boycott on the invitation card of Bihar Government’s Iftar. Azmi Bari has clarified that as a protest, he did not attend the Iftar party of CM Nitish and JDU held on different days. They also oppose RJD’s Iftar party. He has also told that not only he, but also Khanqah and Idai-e-Sharia have opposed the Iftar party.

Boycott of Nitish’s Iftar party, BJP clears its election stand before Bihar assembly elections, know the whole thing

Why Congress leader Azmi is protesting

Azmi Bari says that there were riots in Sasaram and Bihar Sharif. Even now the fire of riots has not completely cooled down. Due to section 144, the fasting people are not having iftar. The fasting people are facing problems in Iftar. The government is not paying attention to this. In a way, the fasting people are not able to break their fast, whereas in Patna, there is a line for Iftar feasts. Big events have been organized in the name of Iftar. Whereas those who are in need should get iftar first. BJP has already been objecting to the organization of Dawat-e-Iftar. BJP’s argument is also the same, which Congress leader Azmi Bari has enumerated. BJP says that Bihar is burning in the fire of riots and Nitish Kumar is organizing Iftar party. This is the reason why now even the leaders of the grand alliance have started opposing the political iftar party. The government should heal the victims of the riots, but it is doing iftar politics for political gains.
Report- Omprakash Ashk


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