TRS In AP: TRS‌ competition in AP! KCR steps strategically, not ashamedly!

" They are also saying that TRS should compete in the AP .. & nbsp; They are saying that they will win " The remarks made by KCR as a plenary venue are now being discussed in two Telugu states. Because this is not the first time KCR has made these comments. Have been doing for a long time. Chandrababu did the same during his reign. He also said in a press meet after winning the by-elections. There are expectations that KCR will not speak such words if there is no specific strategy. This started the interest among the parties on what KCR’s political strategy would be.

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" Telangana" Can you contest in Andhra under the name? & Nbsp;

TRS means & nbsp; Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party. TRS is the party born for the people of Telangana. .The party for Indians however can compete anywhere. But … regional parties, sub-regional parties, especially those who have named the region in their name, will not have much of a chance. When political parties are formed on the basis of language .. there is a chance of competing in the states where that language is spoken. Parties like JDS, NCP .. not language parties. But .. could not go to other places. & nbsp; SP and BSP are the same as in UP. It does not have a large presence in other states. The Trinamool Congress is present only in Bengal. The Akali Dal could not cross Punjab. Therefore … if you look at the nature of these parties … TRS & zwnj; No one would think that KC would compete in the AP but think in that direction.

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& nbsp;
& nbsp ; Speculations that the candidates have also been finalized in 2019!

In 2018, Telangana Rashtra Samithi leader KCR went for early elections. At that time, Chandrababu agreed to a TDP alliance with the Congress party. He took the lead on his own as a whole and led the alliance. But & nbsp; failed. With this outrage, the TRS leaders announced that they would put their finger on AP politics. The party leaders say that KTR in particular intends to contest TRS in the 2019 Assembly and Parliamentary elections. Some candidates are also said to have been finalized. Many Andhra Pradesh industrialists attended a dinner hosted by then Governor Narasimhan at the Raj Bhavan on the occasion of Republic Day. Mostly settled in Hyderabad. Sanyasi Rao, a businessman from Visakhapatnam, was arrested by the TRS in the AP at the same home. Offered to compete with the ticket. The media made this offer in advance. & nbsp; But then things changed. The TRS has close ties with the YSR Congress Party. With this, the YSR Congress indirectly withdrew from the contest. Political parties have come to the conclusion that the TRS has supported the party.

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TRS contesting in the AP in the Commonwealth! & Nbsp;
& nbsp; & nbsp;
Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders say they will now contest in the AP but have also contested in the past. Competed in Andhra Pradesh when the Telangana state assembly was launched in the joint state. Nominated in twenty to thirty positions, nlu. But not to compete seriously. In order to be recognized as a regional party in the Commonwealth it must & nbsp; compete for the highest number of seats. Due to this, the party initially had to contest in more places to get recognition as per the rules of the Election Commission. For that reason TRS has put up nominations elsewhere. However .. then at least the votes did not come.

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Will KCR make comments like Ashamashi!?

. Something has to be political strategy. There is no benefit to TRS from competing in the AP. The TRS competing there will have an advantage over any of the other parties out there. Sentiment rises .. It becomes embarrassing for a party that is close to TRS. In the past, TRS has done politics against the Telugu Desam Party. TRS ministers went straight to the AP and made political statements. However, whether he contests in the KCR AP or not, he says that there is a politics behind his remarks."Also Read: TRS @ 20 … KCR in the minds of the people from Chintamadaka!" href ="" target =""> Also Read: TRS @ 20 … KCR in the minds of the people from Chintamadaka!

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