With the onset of Diwali festivities in Gujarat, a glimmer of cold will also be felt


  • Megharaja left Gujarat, now the cold will gradually increase
  • The minimum temperature in the state will start falling in the coming days
  • The lowest temperature in the state was recorded in the capital Gandhinagar

Ahmedabad: After Megharaja’s departure from Gujarat, the cold will intensify in the coming days. The state will see a 2-3 degree drop in minimum temperatures in the coming days. However, people still living in the middle of the city have to turn on the fan and AC to get relief from the heat.

Mild cold has started to be felt at night and early morning away from the city. However, the maximum temperature in Ahmedabad is expected to hover at 35 degrees Celsius and the minimum at 20 degrees Celsius in the coming days.

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Gandhinagar, the state capital adjacent to Ahmedabad, will experience a low of 16.5 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, the minimum temperature in the tube will be 17.2 degrees. The state’s minimum temperature will drop by 2-3 degrees in the next 24 hours. Apart from this, there is no possibility of rain anywhere in the state. The weather in the state is forecast to be clear for the next five days.

So with the onset of Diwali festivities, the state will experience a general chill. However, the maximum temperature will be higher in the morning till mid-November. After this the day temperature will also decrease.

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Late rains in the state have inundated Gujarat. However, now that Megharaja has taken a break, the possibility of rains in any part of the state has not been expressed by the meteorological department. Apart from this, farmers are expecting some crops to benefit from the cold snap. Farmers in other parts of the state, including Saurashtra, were in a frenzy due to the late rains in the state. However, due to torrential rains in Jamnagar and Rajkot and Junagadh, it is the turn of farmers to suffer losses.

The state has got good water inflow in small and big reservoirs due to good late rains, which will alleviate the problem of farmers and drinking water in the near future.


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