Kasganj News: Soron ji pig area declared a pilgrimage site, the movement that has been going on for 4 years ends

Amit Tiwari, Kasganj
The spiritual and mythological town of Kasganj, Soronji Shukar area, has been declared a pilgrimage site by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. On Thursday afternoon, the official Twitter handle of the Chief Minister’s Office, @CMOfficeUP, issued a notification regarding the decision to declare Soron ji as a place of pilgrimage.

Movement was going on for 4 years
The movement’s head Bhupesh Sharma said that he and his other tirth purohit had been demanding for the last four years to declare Soron ji as a place of pilgrimage. As soon as the official information about Soron ji being declared a pilgrimage site was released on the official Twitter handle of the Chief Minister’s Office, the non-political movement that has been going on for the demand of pilgrimage for 4 years has now been ended. After the announcement of the pilgrimage site, now it will be awaited that for the spiritual and infrastructural development of Soron ji, the DPR of 114 crores lying in the waiting list at the government level for 3 years should also be approved very soon.

After the announcement, there was joy in the pilgrimage city
After the official announcement of the pilgrimage site about Soron ji, there is an atmosphere of joy in the pilgrimage city. There was a lot of fireworks in the city. At the same time, people were seen distributing and feeding each other laddoos with bandwagon.

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Spiritual, mythological and historical significance of Soron Ji Shukar Kshetra
According to mythological legends, Soron Ji Shukar Kshetra is one of the 51 Adi Tirthas of Vedic culture. Lord Varaha, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu, attained salvation in the Haripadi Kund located here. At the same time, every year lakhs of devotees from 10 states of India come to Soron ji for the ritual salvation of their ancestors. The bones that are immersed in the Haripadi Kund here dissolve in the water of the pool within 24 hours. Surprisingly, no scientist has been able to solve this mystery till date.


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