Rahul Priyanka: Adani-Ambani bought all the leaders, Priyanka claims – could not buy brother Rahul Gandhi

Lucknow: Bharat Jodo Yatra, which is being led by former National President of Congress Rahul Gandhi, has reached Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary and UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi while welcoming the Bharat Jodo Yatra said that we are proud of every Indian who is associated with this Yatra. Addressing Rahul Gandhi, he said that my elder brother, I am most proud of you. The full force of power was exerted. To malign their image, the government spent thousands of crores, agencies were put behind them, but they did not budge. Adani and Ambani bought all the leaders of the country, but could not buy my brother and will never be able to buy.

Priyanka Gandhi told the workers, as Rahul Gandhi has said that I am opening a shop of love in the market of hatred. Regarding this, Priyanka said that I want to tell every worker and every countryman of UP to open a franchise of this shop of love in every street, locality, village-block, every district, every road. If you do not open, then the politics of hatred and breaking people will continue to move forward. This will never solve your problem. You will not get jobs, the economy will not be strong. Inflation will not come down.

The purpose of Bharat Joda Yatra is to connect the country

Welcoming Bharat Jodo Yatra in Ghaziabad, Priyanka Gandhi said that Bharat Jodo Yatra talks about connecting. It is doing this because the country will be strong only when it is united. Along with this, while talking about solidarity, he said that when all of you are together, then only you will be able to demand your rights from this government. As long as you remain aloof, your attention will be drawn to different issues. Priyanka further said that your focus should be on employment, inflation and development. This should also be your demand.

God will keep Rahul Gandhi safe

During this, Priyanka said about Rahul’s t-shirt wearing and his security that he is walking wearing the armor of truth. God will keep them safe. Bharat Jodo Yatra in Uttar Pradesh will cover a distance of 130 km. During this yatra will pass through 3 districts of western UP namely Ghaziabad, Baghpat and Shamli. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, BSP supremo Mayawati and RLD president Jayant Chaudhary have also given their best wishes for the success of this visit of Congress. An invitation was also sent by the Congress to the leaders of the opposition parties to participate in the yatra.
Report – Abhay Singh

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