Congress: State govt wants relief with rice initiation … Comes to dinner in Delhi … Hot comments from Congress leaders

The rice initiation undertaken by the Congress for two days at Dharna Chowk, Indira Park, Hyderabad is over. TPCC President Revanth Reddy, Congress senior leader Janareddy gave lemonade to MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and withdrew his initiation. & Nbsp; The Congress party demanded that the farmers buy all the grain harvested. TPCC President Rewanth & zwnj; Reddy said he had criticized the sending of ignorant ministers to Delhi to negotiate the purchase of grain. Ministers KTR & zwnj ;, Mahmood & zwnj; Rewanth asked what Ali knew. He was outraged that the grain was not harvested even after 45 days of yield. KCR & zwnj; Thousands of tons of grain were washed away in the rains due to negligence. KCR & zwnj; Allegedly not buying grain. CM KCR goes to Delhi The prime minister did not even ask for an appointment. Rewanth said that KCR & zwnj ;, ministers had come to have dinner in Delhi. Allegedly. All the farmers have made harsh remarks that the TRS government will be hanged if not for the rice. He said that even if there are small differences in the Congress, everyone will work together. Komatireddy, who is the PCC president in the Congress, said that the posts were not important. Komatireddy criticized that KCR earnings were higher than Nizam. He said he would initiate with a thousand people in Delhi in support of the farmers. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will be invited for the inauguration.

The issue is being sidelined: Janareddy

Senior leader Janareddy said that the state government should get a break with the Congress’ rice initiative. He thanked the parties and communities for their solidarity with the Congress. He said that Congress had solved many problems in the country and upheld democracy. Janareddy recalled that it was the Congress party that brought in the Food Security Act. He accused the central and state governments of pushing Nepal against each other and sidelining the issue. The time has come for the people to sideline the two parties. & Nbsp; Kisan Congress leaders Kodandareddy and Anvesh Reddy introduced the resolutions. & nbsp;

1. The current kharif paddy grain should be procured immediately. Infrastructure should be provided in purchasing centers

2. Stained grain & nbsp; should also be purchased without any restrictions.

3. Rice millers should not be involved in the & nbsp; grain & nbsp; purchasing system.

4. The financial losses incurred by the farmer due to irregularities in the last rabi harvest should be investigated by the sitting judge.

5. No restrictions should be imposed on the cultivation of yasangi crops. The farmer should be free to cultivate on the basis of the nature of the land and the availability of resources.

6. Major crops in the support price range should be purchased not less than the support price.

7. Comprehensive support price for agricultural crops, legalization of purchase.

8. Bring in a comprehensive seed law to protect the farmer from the clutches of adulterated seeds.

9. & nbsp; Simultaneous crop loan waiver of lakhs of rupees. Crop damage due to natural calamities Crop damage compensation should be paid to farmers immediately as per court orders for the years 2020-21.

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Harm to the farmer KCR: Kodandaram

KCR big to the farmer Kodandaram, president of Telangana Jana Samithi, said that it has become bad. If the sand lorries are stopped for ten days, the rice grain will be transported. He went to Delhi and came to Telugu and slept in the KCR farm house. Asked why he did not say what happened when he went to Delhi. Farmers are ready to cast KCR. He said there was an incompetent government that could not tell farmers what crop to plant. KCR accused the farmer of holding his self-respect hostage. & Nbsp;

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