Bandi Sajay: BJP is going to win big in Huzurabad: Bandi Sanjay

BJP Telangana state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar has issued a statement in Hyderabad on the Huzurabad by-election. He thanked the voters who participated in the Hazurabad by-election. Dheema said the BJP would win by a huge majority, according to information received from party ranks. Party leaders and activists have worked hard for the BJP’s victory. Thank you to all of them. Congratulations to the party workers, officials and staff who helped a large number of voters exercise their right to vote. In the Huzurabad by-election, the TRS was accused of acting undemocratically and contrary to the electoral code. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; Also Read: Voters’ dharnas for money! Is this a sign of the downfall of democracy? . He commented that the people of Huzurabad were active and stood for justice and the BJP. No matter how much money TRS spends, no matter how many temptations people face, they stand up for justice and righteousness impartially. The TRS party has been accused of rampant abuse of power. Bundy Sanjay said that no matter how much pressure was put on the BJP by the authorities, no matter how much trouble the activists faced, they worked hard for victory. & Nbsp;

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Work in the same spirit

Bandi Sanjay commented that people supported the BJP with a good idea in the contest for KCR pride and self-respect of the people of Huzurabad . For the last few days, their activists have been working tirelessly for the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that day and night the party fought for victory. In the same spirit, in the coming days, the ranks will work harder to bring the party to power in the state of Telangana. & Nbsp;

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