A cracker burst on the woman’s chest, she died in agony in front of the children; video viral

Woman dies when firework explodes in clothes: A woman tragically died during a fireworks display in Brazil on New Year’s Eve when a firecracker got caught in her clothes and exploded. The woman died agonizingly in front of her two children. The horrific death of 38-year-old Alisangela Tinem The video was captured on camera, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this, it can be seen how a cracker explodes on the woman’s chest and she turns into a ball of fire as soon as she sees it.

According to the Daily Mail report, people had arrived to enjoy fireworks on a beach in Sao Paulo to usher in the new year. Alisangela also reached there with her two children and cousin Alexander. But no one had any idea that the very next moment, Alisangela would be a victim of painful death. In the 30-second clip that went viral, it can be seen that dozens of people are enjoying the fireworks on the beach. Just then a firecracker pops up on Alisangela’s chest and then there is a loud explosion. Whatever happens after this, you can see in this video.

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The eyewitness told a local newspaper that he was wishing his mother a New Year with a loving hug during the fireworks, when suddenly there was a sound of screaming. According to the eyewitness, ‘I saw a woman lying on the ground covered with blood. But was lying. There was also a person nearby. When he saw that there was no movement in the woman’s body, he started crying on his knees.

The 41-year-old cousin of the woman told the police how the sister came under the firecrackers. Before he could remove it from there, the explosion had already happened. Alisangela suffered injuries in the chest and arm, due to which she died. She has left behind a 13 year old child.

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