Like the country, like the disguise… AI made such amazing pictures, Internet public was stunned!

there was a time when the world Invention of Camera Had not happened. then pictures of humans sketch Or it was made through painting. Although even today people make pictures of humans through painting, but now more than one camera is also available, from which photographs are very beautiful, but in earlier times painting was the only way to identify people. . But do you know that now there is no need for even a camera to make pictures? Yes, technology and science have developed so much today that nothing is impossible anymore. You can do anything with their help.

Nowadays some very beautiful pictures of women are going viral on social media, which have neither been made by anyone through painting or sketch, nor have these pictures been taken from the camera. These pictures have been created by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is also called artificial intelligence. These pictures are of women from different states, who are completely different from each other. In these pictures, you can find women from almost all the states from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Goa.

See these beautiful pictures of women with artificial intelligence

These pictures with artificial intelligence have been shared by a person named Madhav Kohli on the social media platform Twitter. Madhav Kohli is an artist and a resident of Delhi. While sharing the post, he has told that artificial intelligence as well as stereotype has been used to make these pictures.

These pictures of women are such that you will get to see glimpses of different states. In this, from the fun of Goa to the culture of states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan can also be seen. These artificial intelligence pictures have created a buzz on social media.

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