Sai Pallavi: Shyam Singha Roy: I just saw it! .. Rahul Ravindran comments on Sai Pallavi – rahul ravindra on sai pallavi in ​​shyam singha roy teaser


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Nani Shyam Singh Roy The movie is coming out on December 24th. There are various rumors coming up on the release date of this upcoming film as a Christmas present. Talk is heard that Shyam Singh Roy is being pressured to postpone for the movie Gani. However as counters to this Nani It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. December 24 is mine. Shyam Singha Roy said that Christmas is mine. The teaser released today impresses everyone.

The teaser is dusting off on YouTube. However at the teaser launch event Rahul Ravindran Comments are still going viral. Rahul Ravindran said that he only worked for a few days for this film. But he said he worked very energetically. Everyone on set is good. Nani mentioned that he was very supportive.

Our director Rahul said that he thinks he has got a lot of acting from us. I’m a regular fan of Sai Pallava. There will be a scene with her. Her eyes are as powerful as page-by-page dialogues at a glance Sai Pallavi Poured praise on. The work did not do scenes with Shetty. But she is a very sweet girl. Madonna is very professional. A new producer has been found for Telugu cinema. The producer said that he wants this movie to be a big hit.

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