Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Shanmuk reveals the word in his mind about Siri ..!

The friendship between Siri and Shanmuk at Bigg Boss House is now coming to a peak. Looks like the two are very emotionally connected. Because, even though the captaincy task was going on in Bigg Boss House, the two became very emotional by swearing at each other without participating. Shanmuk advised Siri that he did not like to analyze and tell Siri about the game, after which Siri would break up and have fun with the house mates again. With this, Siri got tired as usual. But, this time it got strongly emotional. With this, Shanmuk also became a burst.

Shanmuk went into the washroom and suffered alone. Siri, who was there, tried to comfort Shanmuk by saying, “You are the one who said the words, and again you will feel the pain.” Here again Shanmuk I will not diminish you by saying words. I was wrong, my character went on to say go wrong. I remember Deepti .. Siri Odar tried to remind me that her lover Deeptisunayana was crying saying that it would have been better in this time. “I do not want to stay for another four weeks,” said Siri.

Shanmuk was upset that I knew when to go. He said you don’t want it, you don’t want your friendship and left. Bursting at this, Siri went into the bathroom, put it on the wall, nodded and cried. Shanmuk Siri, who was very dull, nodded his head and requested for a seventh door. With this the housemates all came there and screamed until Siri opened the door. When Ravi pulled the door and came out, Ravi Odar made an attempt. Why did we come here .. What are we doing? Shanmuk also consoled her with this. It was here that Shanmuk shared the words in his mind while talking to Shriram.

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