Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Did you deliberately target Pinky for the captaincy ..? Why did he cry on Kajal ..?

Last Captain Shanmuk was selected in the 13th week at Bigg Boss House. The majority of family members in the Housemates voted for Shanmuk and won by a landslide. However, it was here that Shanmuk sat as dictator on the throne while playing the fifth round of the dictator Mate inscription. Shanmukh got the chance to save Ravi and Okar in Pinky, who was left as Lost. Pinky requested that she not be the captain yet, that this was my last and first chance.

Not only that, I wish I could be an inspiration to a lot of people like me, and when I go out I will tell everyone that I was the captain in the Bigg Boss House. It was here that Kajal was asked to consider whether she would be proud of her community. Shanmuk became very serious about this. Kajal cried out, “Do you mean to say that I’m a widow, that you should not take that word for granted?” Moreover, Shanmuk dealt with this issue very seriously. Even Pinky argues that it is not correct to say so.

Shanmuk said his decision was to make Ravini safe after that. However, Pinky has become very emotional in this regard. Came into the wash room and cried so much. Manas, Sunny and Kajal try to convince Pinky. However, Shanmuk said that Manas deliberately missed you out of the game, adding that he had saved Ravi too by calculating that he could easily become the captain if he was Ravi. Manas said he had played with the mastermind that he could easily become the captain as Ravi had no support in the house but two votes would come and the rest would come by himself.

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