Allu Arjun: Bunny who can be heard there too!

Fans expect the lives of star heroes to be very luxurious. However, as the star heroes grow up, the difficulty for each film is not all. In the movies, Bunny Puspa, who looks stylish in real life, will be seen in a shocking look in the movie. However it seems that Bunny has made a shocking decision for this movie. Sukumar is releasing the film in two parts.

Flower Part 1 is set to release on December 17th. It seems that Allu Arjun has already packed six for the movie Pushpa. Bunny dubbing is said to be in Telugu as well as two other languages ​​for the film. There seems to be a chance of Bunny dubbing in Hindi as well as Tamil or Kannada. Netizens applaud the tribe for this shocking decision taken by Bunny. Dubbing in other languages ​​is not an easy thing to say.

However, it seems that Bunny made this decision with the main intention of spreading the word in other languages ​​as well. Bogatta said that Bunny planned to make his voice heard in other languages ​​in the wake of Bunny’s future films being screened as Pan India films. It remains to be seen whether the result of Bunny’s difficulty will be met with this film. Sukumar has already raised expectations for the film through the already released posters and teasers.

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