You can secure your privacy on Instagram with Activity Off feature, know how to use it

You can secure your privacy on Instagram with Activity Off feature, know how to use it

Instagram: Meta has launched Activity Off feature to maintain the privacy of Instagram users, after which now Instagram users can block the process of taking their personal information through any other website or app. Can. Let us tell you that companies use this information to provide advertisements and information as per the needs of the users. In a way, this is a method of aggressive marketing. In which, with the help of cookies, the search history of the users is tracked and their likes and dislikes are estimated. 

Permission must be taken before taking data

Till now, data was taken on social media platforms without the knowledge of the users, but after the new Activity of Meta feature has been revealed for Instagram, if any information of the users has to be taken from Instagram, then first it has to be done from the user. Permission will have to be taken. If users wish, they can also block apps and websites that collect data.

This is the whole matter

Actually, in 2021, Meta had introduced a new privacy policy and consent was also sought from the users for it. Under the new privacy policy, WhatsApp data can be shared with Facebook, Instagram and partner companies. This data is used to show personalized advertisements to users. Which will not happen now.

However, after this Meta has also had to face legal action in many countries. Now the company has given control to the users for this. That means, if users do not want to give Meta access to their data, they can delete the data and can also disconnect their special activities. 

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