Year Ender 2023: These 5 amazing features added to WhatsApp this year, how many do you use?

Year Ender 2023: These 5 amazing features added to WhatsApp this year, how many do you use?

Social media giant WhatsApp has added many great features to the app this year, which has completely changed the user experience of the app. Keeping both security and privacy in mind, the company has given new updates in the app from time to time. In this article, we are telling you about the 5 best features of the company which were launched in the year 2023. These include chat lock, silent unknown calls and much more.

These are some great features of this year 

  1. Before the year 2023, if you had to send an original photo or video to someone through the app, then you had to do this in the form of a document. However, now the company has given the option of sharing HD photos and videos, which allows users to send photos in original quality to some extent."text-align: justify;">Now you can edit wrongly sent messages for 15 minutes. Earlier there was no edit option and users had to type the message again.
  2. The company released chat lock feature for important and saucy chats which you can now hide also.
  3. The most important feature that has been added to WhatsApp this year is Passkeys. This allows you to login to the app in addition to the traditional method. That means you can also login to the app through your mobile's facial, fingerprint etc. To set Passkeys, you have to go to Settings and come to Account option.
  4. This year the company provided the feature of multiple account login, due to which you can open two different accounts on the same app. However, for this it is necessary to have 2 SIM cards in your phone because only then you will be able to know the OTP.

Apart from these, many new features have been added to WhatsApp. However, these are a select few who have given a new look to the app as compared to last year.

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