Know how much will be the insurance of your phone and how much will you get in case of loss

Nowadays it has become a common thing for mobile phones to be stolen or lost. This is a minor thing for those people who run budget smartphones, but losing a mobile phone gives sleepless nights to those who have spent 1 to 2 lakh rupees on it. Think for a moment that you have bought a phone worth 2 lakhs two days ago and how would you feel if it suddenly gets stolen or broken. There is fear or panic just thinking about this.

In such a situation, it is wise to go ahead with insurance of your premium mobile phone. If for some reason it gets lost or stolen, then you will not suffer much loss. Yes, along with home-car, life, there is also mobile insurance. Today, through this article, know that how much rupees will be the insurance of your smartphone. Then whether it is a budget smartphone or a premium smartphone. At the same time, if it is lost, then also know how much money you will get.

This is how you can get mobile insurance 

Whenever you buy a new smartphone If you buy then within 5 days you have to buy insurance for the smartphone. Insurance companies offer 1 year phone insurance on smartphones. If you want more insurance than this, then you are given accident warranty. You can easily get insurance for your smartphone online or offline from anywhere.

How much is mobile insurance

What is the amount of mobile phone insurance? It will depend on its cost. For example, if your smartphone is worth Rs 1 lakh, then its premium will also be high and you will get the insurance value accordingly. On the other hand, if your mobile phone is priced between Rs.6 to Rs.10,000, then your premium can be between Rs.600 to Rs.700. In simple language, you should understand that the insurance of mobile phone depends on its cost. The amount of premium may also vary from insurance company to insurance company.

How much money will you get if your mobile phone is stolen

If your If the smartphone is stolen, lost or damaged, then the amount you get under the insurance policy depends on how old your mobile phone has become. For example, suppose if the cost of your smartphone was Rs 10,000 and it is stolen after 2 years, then you can get Rs 3,000 to 4,000 as an insurance claim. Note, the amount of insurance can also vary according to the price of the mobile phone. On the other hand, if you take an accidental claim, it also depends on how bad or broken your mobile phone is. 

Making a mobile phone insurance claim is very easy. If your smartphone is stolen, lost or broken, then you have to call the insurance company and inform about it. In case of theft, you have to give a copy of the FIR to the company. After everything is verified, you get the insurance claim within 10 to 15 days.

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