With the help of AI you will be able to write messages on Instagram! Know how this special feature will work

With the help of AI you will be able to write messages on Instagram!  Know how this special feature will work

Instagram AI: Photo sharing company Instagram, which comes under Meta, is preparing to give a unique feature to its users. This feature of Instagram will work together with AI. You must have heard the name of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence a lot. Nowadays this technology is being discussed a lot all over the world. The use of this technology is gradually starting in every field. By using this, people get very creative results. Now Instagram is also preparing to bring AI feature in its app.

Instagram's AI feature

According to a report quoted by IANS, Alessandro Paluzzi, a popular app researcher, has shared a screenshot on his X (old name Twitter), which is showing the option of using AI while sending messages to other users. Giving information about this upcoming feature of Instagram from his X account, Alessandro Paluzzi said that Instagram is working with AI on the message writing feature. 

He further said that, "This will probably interpret your message in different styles, similar to how Google's Magic Compose feature works." Threads has started testing an Instagram-like 'Save Post' feature on its app, which allows users to bookmark their favorite posts.

AI will be everywhere in the future

Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI feature is gradually spreading everywhere. Recently, Samsung has also launched the Galaxy AI feature for its phones, which will help users do many difficult tasks in a jiffy. Apart from this, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has come to India and announced that his company will provide AI training to 20 lakh Indian people, so that they can get employment in future.

Apart from all this, Meta's owner Mark Zuckerberg has been working for a long time to equip all his platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with AI features. Now Instagram has started working on the feature of sending messages with the help of AI. However, many AI related features are going to come in Instagram in the coming time.

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