OnePlus introduced 45W liquid cooler, it will keep both your phone and your brain cool

OnePlus 45W liquid cooler: This year’s biggest mobile show has been organized in Barcelona. The mobile show will run till March 2. In this mobile show, different mobile phone manufacturer companies are keeping their new gadgets, technology etc. among everyone. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has introduced a 145-watt liquid cooler at MWC that will protect the mobile phone from heating up.

These days, most of the phones come with modern technology, in which there are many features like powerful processor, graphics etc. By the way, to keep the mobile phone cool, a cooling system is provided in it, but even then, due to continuous use, many times the mobile phone becomes excessively hot. To reduce this problem, OnePlus has introduced ‘OnePlus 45W liquid cooler’.


OnePlus has also introduced the OnePlus 11 concept phone in the mobile show, in which liquid cooling technology has been given by the company. However, the gadget that the company has introduced today can be installed in any smartphone and will protect it from heat. This liquid cooler of OnePlus weighs 75 grams, which is easy to carry and can bring the temperature of your mobile phone up to 20 degrees. To cool down the mobile, all you have to do is keep the smartphone on top of the device. At present, this information is not revealed at what cost it will be available and when it will be available for common users. 

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