WhatsApp: You will find funny stickers of 2024 here, share among family and friends

WhatsApp: You will find funny stickers of 2024 here, share among family and friends

WhatsApp Sticker 2024: The year 2024 has started and everyone is wishing each other a happy new year. You too must have started receiving Happy New Year messages continuously from 12 o'clock in the night on social media. This time you can take the help of sticker pack to wish your loved ones a New Year. There are many fun sticker packs related to 2024 available on Google Play Store which you can download and share with your loved ones on WhatsApp. Instead of the old method of photos and GIF, you can adopt this new method. There are different sticker packs available on Play Store for children and adults. You can download and add them to WhatsApp.

After adding, go to the chat to whomever you want to send the sticker and go to the sticker option and send the new added stickers of 2024.

You can also wish your loved ones in this way  

If you want to be a little different from others and wish your loved ones a Happy New Year, then you can also record short videos on WhatsApp. WhatsApp added a new feature to the app last year that allows you to record short 60-second videos directly from the chat window.

Talks can be done without sharing numbers 

Now you will be able to talk to each other on WhatsApp without sharing the number. The company is working on the username feature and some beta testers have already received it. Under this feature, every person will have a unique username as is the case in Instagram and Twitter. With the help of this username, you will be able to find and add each other in WhatsApp. At present, information is not available as to how this feature will work. That is, whether it will send a request to connect with a new person like Instagram or not, no information is yet available about this.

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