Your phone will tell you before an earthquake, turn on the settings now, this is the process

Your phone will tell you before an earthquake, turn on the settings now, this is the process

Earthquake Alerts: Google has launched its Android earthquake alert system in India, which will send automatic warning alerts to Android users if an earthquake occurs near them. This system was already provided in Android smartphones, but Google has recently rolled it out in India. Google’s technologies are equipped with small accelerometers that can act as mini seismometers.

To receive alerts, users must have active Wi-Fi and/or cellular data connectivity, as well as both Android earthquake alerts and location settings turned on. Users who do not wish to receive these alerts can easily deactivate earthquake alerts in their device settings.

How to turn on Earthquake Alerts in Android phone

First of all open your phone’s settings.
After this "Earthquake alerts" Search for this tab.
Once you find this tab, activate it.
Also, you will be asked to allow some axes, do OK.

What to expect when you get an earthquake warning

If your phone detects an earthquake, you will receive an alert with information about the earthquake, including the approximate location and intensity. The alert will also give instructions on what to do in the event of an earthquake.

There are two types of earthquake alerts 

Stay Alert: This notification provides advance warning of light shaking and provides additional information when tapped.

Take Action Alert: Designed to grab users’ attention before experiencing moderate to heavy shaking, this alert prompts immediate action to ensure safety. 

In both these alerts, you will also get information about the safety of essential items during earthquake, following which you can secure your valuables in case of normal and strong earthquake. 

Why is it important to receive earthquake alerts?

Earthquakes can occur without warning, and early warning alerts can provide precious seconds to take protective action, such as dropping, covering up, and holding on. Studies have shown that earthquake early warning systems can reduce casualties by 20%. To ensure that every Android user in India receives this important alert, it is important to spread the word about the Android earthquake alert system and encourage users to activate alerts on their phones.

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