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New Delhi. Instant messaging WhatsApp provides more than one feature to its users. There are also many such features which are very helpful in doubling the experience of the users. These can also be called secret features. Today we are giving you information about some such features which will further enhance your chatting experience. So let’s know these features.

Record a voice note with hands free:

You can record voice notes with hands free on WhatsApp. Well, few people would know about it. For this you have to go to the chat box of WhatsApp. Then the microphone option will be given at the bottom. Tap on this. Just then you will be able to record voice.

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Find Old Chats:

Sometimes we feel like reading old chats but finding more old chats becomes very difficult. In such a situation, you can do that whatever chat is necessary and if you want to read it later, you can bookmark it. You will be able to star mark it. That way you won’t have to look for it later. For this, you have to long press on the chat and then tap on the star mark above. After this your chat will be star marked. You can read it later by going under Stard Messages.

Online without phone:

Staying online on the phone makes it difficult to check messages on WhatsApp again and again. In such a situation, you will be able to stay online without a phone even using WhatsApp Web and you will not have to see the phone again and again.

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Hide Profile Photo and Last Seen:

Privacy on WhatsApp has become very important. Here it becomes very difficult to find out who has seen your profile picture. You can also hide the last scene. You can choose who will see your profile picture. Also you can hide your last seen.

When read your friend sent:

Many times you send in the group and it is not known who saw your message and when. You have to long press on any message whose scene status you want to see. From here you will know who has read the message and when.


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