Don’t know how to record calls in Truecaller? See the complete step-by-step process here

Truecaller call recording: Most of the users using the smartphone keep Truecaller in their phone. If your phone also has Truecaller, then let us tell you that you can also do call recording through Truecaller. What is the method, today we are going to give you this information in detail in this article.

Recording feature was rolled out in 2018
Let us tell you that in the year 2018, Truecaller rolled out a feature on its platform, which enabled only select users to record incoming and outgoing calls. That is, only some users could take advantage of this facility.

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The benefit of the facility was available on paying the first money
However, at that time this feature was available only for those customers who paid to Truecaller. That is, he had bought a subscription to Truecaller. But now almost three years later, Truecaller has rolled out an update that enables both paying and non-paying customers to record calls on their smartphones. That is, now those users can also take advantage of this facility, who do not pay any kind of money to Truecaller.

Free benefit of the facility will be available only on these term and condition
There is such a term and condition, that only Android users of Truecaller can use this feature. Users will need an Android smartphone running Android 5.1 or above to be able to use this feature.

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The front will not know, call recording is happening
Now you must be thinking, lest we are recording any call and the people in front get to know. So regarding this too, Truecaller has clearly stated in a support page that other users will not be informed that their calls are being recorded. Also, the company says that when the user is using headphones, the call will not be recorded.

This feature is not available on all Android smartphones
Another thing to note here is that the call recording feature of Truecaller is not available on all Android smartphones. The company has provided a list of smartphones on which this feature is not available. These are the Android smartphones on which call recording will not be possible:

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Google Nexus and Google Pixel devices Android 5- 8.1
Motorola G4, Moto series and Motorola Smartphones- Android 5 – 8.1
Redmi Note 5 Smartphone – Android 8.1
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite and Redmi Note 7- Android 9 – 12
Samsung J7 Max Smartphone- Android 5 – 8.1
Oneplus 6 Smartphone-Android 9 – 12
POCO F2 PRO and Poco X3 Smartphones- Android 9 – 12

Truecaller call recording process: How to record calls using this feature?
Let us now also tell you how you can record calls using Truecaller call recording feature. For this you have to follow the steps given below

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Step 1: For devices running Android 9 and above, allow accessibility to Truecaller call recording by going to Settings > Accessibility. For some devices, this can be found in Settings -> Accessibility -> Installed Services or Downloaded Apps.

Step 2: When you receive a call or make a new call to record its audio, tap the Record button from the Caller ID screen.


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