This phone has the support of Google's Gemini AI model, there will be 2 big benefits, do you have it?

This phone has the support of Google's Gemini AI model, there will be 2 big benefits, do you have it?

Gemini AI in Pixel 8 Pro: Google has launched its new AI tool Gemini AI. The company has prepared this tool to compete with Open AI's Chat GPT. The specialty of this tool is that it can handle many types of tasks like text, image, audio, code etc. at the same time. Whereas Chat GPT can only handle text prompts. The company's new AI model has become available in Google's latest Pixel devices. If you use Pixel 8 Pro then you can use Gemini AI. Know how?

Support found in this phone 

Google Pixel 8 Pro will have a nano version of Gemini AI which is responsible for on-device tasks. At present you will be able to do two things with the help of this tool. First of all, this tool will suggest you what to reply next in WhatsApp. Secondly, you will be able to know the summary in the recorder app. Because this AI is for on-device tasks, your information does not go out of the device and privacy is maintained.

There will be these 2 benefits 

With the launch, it will now be the brains behind the AI ​​summary feature in the Recorder app on Pixel 8 Pro. Actually, the Recorder app available in Pixel allows users to record and transcribe audio. Now with Gemini support you can easily get a summary of recorded conversations, interviews, presentations or other audio. With the help of Gemini Nano, you will get the summary even when you are not connected to WiFi. Let us tell you, the Recorder app now transcribes in 28 new languages.

Gemini Nano support is also coming to Gboard. In this, users will get a smart reply option which will tell the users during the chat what they have to reply next. At present, this feature will work only with WhatsApp, which will start working with other apps also from 2024. Google said the responses suggested by Gemini AI will be of higher quality because the AI ​​model has greater conversational awareness.

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