The feature available in Rs 80,000 iPhone will now be available in Android phones also, no need to use third party app.

The feature available in Rs 80,000 iPhone will now be available in Android phones also, no need to use third party app.

Android Battery health Feature: Smartphone companies have set a new trend and they are providing OS support of 7 to 8 years in their premium smartphones. That means, if you are buying a premium phone after spending money, then you can comfortably use it for 8 to 10 years. Some time ago, Google had launched Pixel 8 series in which the company has said to provide OS updates for 7 years. To ensure that the phones continue to function properly for such a long time, companies are also paying attention to the availability of repair options and parts so that customers do not face any problems.

For the phone to work properly for a long time, it is very important to have good battery health. The problem at present with Android smartphones is that there is no option to check battery health in them as is available in iPhone. Although Google has given the option of battery information with Android 14 in Pixel 8 series, Android still does not have support like iPhone.

Tata says bye-bye to third party apps 

Google has been working since last year to end this problem and provide phone battery information to the users and with Android 15, users are expected to get complete information about the battery health of their phone. That means, from the time your smartphone starts till the time you use it, the information will be recorded in the phone OS and on this basis the battery health will be informed. At the same time, the problem with third party apps is that they do not give accurate information about battery health because they collect battery information from the time they are installed on the phone. These do not have readings like OS.

According to the report of Android Authority, the company is working on battery health option in Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 which may be available to Pixel and other Android 14 users in the coming time. The company can provide this option by default in all the phones that will be launched after Android 15. That means you do not need to install any app on your phone to check battery health.

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