Smartphones Without Charger: Smartphones will be available without charger in 2024, your pocket may be affected

Mobile Phone Without Charger: If our mobile phone charger is not available even for a while, then we start getting worried. But, if we tell you that in some time your phone will not need charger, then how will be your reaction? Do you think this is a joke? But, it is not like that at all. According to many media reports, the smartphone maker company can be asked to remove the charger box by 2024. A bill has been passed in the European Commission a few days ago, which states that now common chargers will work with smartphones and other devices. This will put additional burden on the pockets of the customers.

Let us know that  Samsung has already started selling Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra Box without charger. After this, when the iPhone 11 was launched, the charger was given with it, but this feature is being removed in the iPhone 12. In such a situation, it is sure to affect the customers.

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